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Memories of a childhood Christmas

and Carole's poem

Sadly on the 11th December 2009 Carole passed away

 our thoughts and best wishes go to Husband John, Son's Alan and Michael, Rebecca, Harry and Martha, my uncle Chris

 and all of the family.

Carole will be greatly missed by all her knew her.


Tribute to Carole




Congratulations to Tony and Sarah on their  wedding August 2009

Congratulations to Kerri and Paul on their wedding July 2009

Fred Gagg was 100 on the 21st October 2008

100th birthday photos link here  Freds 100th birthday

Tribute to Fred  May 25th 1925- March 13th 2008

Photos from Ivy and Fred's family album

Congratulation on Anna Marie and Omar's wedding June 16th 2007

Congratulations to Tracy and Ben on their marriage October 2007

Tribute to Charles Helsden 1932- 2007

Tribute to Frances

Tribute to Marji



I have not had the time to update the website properly for some time now. My research is mainly over  but I will leave this website as it is and hope that  it is of some use to you. The information here is only a part of  the Gagg story that I have and that others have. It has been an enjoyable journey meeting, talking and writing to parts of the Gagg families all over the world.

I wish you well in your research

Alan M Gagg

11th January 2010

I'm Alan Gagg & I come from a large extended Gagg family which we thought came from  the South London area of England. Early research

 showed that  members of our family were living in Westminster, London in the late 1700's. Since the late 1700's our family  have lived in the city of

 London & spread out through London - Kent - Wales - Ireland - Canada & various other parts of England.
The earliest Gagg we have found so far in London was born in 1540 approx. Ralph Gagg born around 1280-90  in Leicestershire is the earliest Gagg .Since I wrote this I have found another reference to  a Gagg living in Cornwall in the mid 1200's.

I have found so far.
Other members of the 'Gagg Family' are in Yorkshire - the Midlands - The West Country - Australia & The USA, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland & were

in Barbados and France . We are all working to find the common link so please help with any info you can.
Alan M Gagg.

Since I wrote this at the beginning of 1999 a lot more info on the various families has been found out and  now in May 2006 with the invaluable help

of Joan Mason in Canada and the members of the rootsweb mailing list who have given me so much help I have  the Topott link to my family which in turn

 gave us the missing link to  the Misterton Gagg family. John Gagg born in 1759 in Misterton married Elizabeth Topott  at St Marys  Notts in July 1783.

Their son John Gagg  was baptised at St George Hanover square London on March 6th 1786.I still have not found when their other son ( my gt gt gt grandfather) Thomas Topott Gagg was born but we have narrowed down the time span  to 1793-5. The London family is linked to  the Devon families & the Misterton families.

Which includes the Sheffield, Hull & Grimsby Gagg families.

Thomas Topott Gagg a Landscape and Portrait painter moved Back to Nottingham with his  second wife Ellen. One of their sons Edward Topott Gagg with his wife Jane also moved back there.

It also appears that the Gagg name was in Devon in the early to mid 1200's.


I'm Andrew Gagg, I come from what I used to think was a small bit of the family, which originated in Misterton in Nottinghamshire, England where there are Gagg's going back to the 1600's in the parish records, according to my late father's information.

I now live in Worcester, UK & I have a brother Michael who lives in Halesowen, near Birmingham UK.
Please contribute anything you like that's connected with the Gagg family.
I would love to think that we are all related - 
We are well on the way to proving this!


 brief details of the Family news page

If you have any news - a new addition to the family-
getting married - going to uni - exam results birthdays anniversaries etc.
share them with the rest of the family

September  2009  is also  a busy family month, my dad George will be 86, my sister jenny's birthday is also in September , and my 60th birthday and  40th wedding anniversary  to Chris.

On June 6th 2009   Christopher Gagg will be  celebrating his 89th birthday

May 25th 2009 my cousin Steve  celebrated his 60th birthday , tinged with  a little sadness as his dad Fred's birthday was on the same day .

Wedding celebrations are in the air with the wedding of  my niece Kerry and Paul in July 2009 and  the wedding of our son Tony and Sarah in August 2009.

Earlier this year  (2009) my cousin Jackie celebrated her 60th birthday and her and Steve's 40th wedding anniversary

Photos from Fred's 100th birthday here : Freds100th birthday

on the 21st October 2008 Fred Gagg celebrated his 100th birthday, as far as I know he will be the first member of the Gagg family to reach this age.

I have put details on the family news page webpage link here , Fred's 100th birthday

June 4th 2008 congratulations to Stewart and Cerri on the birth today  of their son   Alex Francis, who weighed in at 7Ib1oz, new photos on the family childrens photo page

April 20th 2008 congratulations to Kerri and Paul on their engagement, their marriage next year is  sure to be  a long and happy one.

April 18th 2008 Congratulations to Tony and Sarah on their engagement, Sarah is finally making an honest man of Tony! We wish them a long and happy life together.

April 14th 2008,  I would like to offer our best wishes  to Rita Gagg's family Rita  died suddenly  a week ago, more on the family news page.

April 2008, I am told that we can expect  three new additions to the families  over the coming weeks,  our congratulations  go to  them all, and any others that I do not know of yet  please contact me and I will include  their details

March 13th 2008, I have just received the news that my uncle Fred has suddenly died, he was my dad's younger brother and married to my mum's sister Ivy, because of this  our two families were especially close  growing up together , holidaying together, we were always  with each other, on behalf of all the Gagg families I  send our thoughts and best wishes  to my cousin's and their families.

I have put a tribute page up the link is: Tribute to Fred  May 25th 1925- March 13th 2007

August 2007,I would like to offer our best wishes to Tony Warner and his family  on the recent death of his mother Hilda, her mum was Betsy (Gagg) . Tony and his mum over the last few months have been the source of much of the new information on the Misterton family tree, the postcards and sketches have all come from Tony via his mum .

June 2007 Congratulations to Anna Marie (Gagg) and Omar on their wedding 16th June 2007, photos on  family photos6


Carol (Gagg) daughter of George Robert Gagg of Misterton contacted me recently, her father  is now living with Linda and her family, she added a lot to the Misterton tree which will be updated soon.

March12th 2007, Tony Warner and Naisby Noble both got in touch recently at that point neither knew of the other. Since the initial contact they find they share the same Misterton Ancestors  and have been adding much information to the family tree.

Tony visited his mother and got much more information including photos, letters, sketches postcards and certificates which he is sending over to add to the site.

The main link for these is: family photos sketches and letters

We are most grateful for all of the help that Tony and Naizby are giving. There will in due course be updated family trees in PAF and GED formats on the site for you to download.

New page on Gagg's in the Birth Marriage Death index for  England & Wales from 1837.Complete with the appropriate ref numbers.

New pages on BVRI records ,Baptisms ,Burials & Marriages


Lots more on the Family news Page



Family story
"The story of a boy from Misterton" by Howard Wheelwright Gagg.
 A personal look at life in the early part of the century
in rural England.
If you have a family story to tell let me know & I will put it on the page.


 Family  Trees

 If you have a family tree or can add to one on the site then let me know .
If you have any comments or information you wish to share then I will post it on the site




These pages give more detailed information than in the family trees pages.
Details of members of the Gagg family in various part of the Country including addresses
occupation -where born & whereabouts at time of census

.The England Gagg 1881 Census gives brief details of all the Gagg's in England at the time
of the 1881 Census Names

Brief details of Australian - USA - Canadian Ancestors-
German Gagg Ancestors  Swiss/French Ancestors

New* Somerset census *New
The Gagg ancestor information pages give  brief details of individual records
As and when new information comes in these pages will be updated and added to, so check back now and then.
These are memorials of Gagg's who have died .
If you know anything about their families then let us know.
Do you know of a Gagg memorial or inscription from a headstone or
from a cremation, not just war memorials then let us know what it says & we will put it on the site.

Password protected area of family website has Birth Marriage & Death certificates of Gagg's, Mason's,Lock ,Jones etc.

If you have any you can share with us please contact me.


Details of birth marriage and death certificates are available here along with some notes and zip files

click here BMD pages

Gagg Bvri records New list of Gagg's and some details
Gagg Island Australia ,click  Bits'n'pieces here to see.


Gagg Family Photo Album

Look at our new online photo album filled with pictures from family members all over the world.

photos dating back to the late 1800's.

If you have any photos you would like to include please let me know.

March 22nd 2008 another  new photos page added gagg_photos9.htm

Family photos
Send us your photos  for inclusion on the website & build a database of family likeness .
The photo pages  are being expanded all the time.

This should give faster 
downloads & make for easier viewing. 

There are also some photos dating back to the 19th centurye
If you have some old or new photos you wish to share let me know.

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